The Acting Academy for Autism is a serious theatre program for the high-functioning young person with autism or Asperger's Syndrome.  We are theatre teachers who have been working with young people for decades.  Along the way, we have encountered children with autism who came alive on stage.  This course has been designed by a group that includes teachers who are credentialed in special needs, adults who have autism, student teachers, and theatre training professionals.  Our goal is to honor the sensibilities of young people with autism and provide a safe and fun atmosphere in which they can study theatre.  Students gain self confidence, a greater ability to overcome social challenges, and learn to trust and learn to allow others to trust them.  This is no different from any other good acting class.  At the final class, the students will showcase their work. Material comes from standard, published plays from 400 BC to the twenty-first century. 


In order to create a successful program, classes are capped at twelve students, with three teachers per class.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual teaching assistants and students are expected to respect the rules of the Academy. Each student will attend an interview before enrolling.


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The Acting Academy for Autism

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