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Acting and Theater Classes

Kids acting in a play in Thousand Oaks

Gold Coast Theatre Conservatory currently offers class on Sunday mornings from 9am to noon. During each term we teach a wide variety of topics, from acting to history, that we believe gives each student a well-rounded and comprehensive education in theater.  Below is a sample curriculum for what the coming term may look like.  The timing of various topics may change throughout the term depending on student readiness and other factors.

Sample Curriculum

Each session begins with a warm up working on movement, voice, diction, breath control and other technical aspects important for an actor.

Week One

Audition Technique Masterclass

Week Two

Improv Masterclass
Distribute Script and read through

Week Three

Character Masterclass 
Breakdown characters in script


Week Four
Comedy Masterclass
Block script


Week Five
Theatre History Masterclass
Off Book for scenes blocked last week
Finish blocking

Week Six
Object Exercise Part 1
Run full play with blocking

Week Seven
Discuss French Scenes
Run play

Week Eight
Master Class Stage Combat
Work Specific Scenes

Week Nine

off book completely

discuss costumes and set

Classes continue until:

Final Week
Performance for friends and family

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