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Overview of Festival Rules



Junior Division:  Actors ONLY in grades 5 through 8. 

Senior Division:  Actors ONLY in grades 9 through 12.




**RULE CHANGE** Students may only enter each group category ONCE, plus a monologue for a maximum total of 4 entries (ie. Monologue, Group Improv, Group Drama, Group Comedy)  There is no requirement to enter more than one category.


Monologues:  Works performed by one person only.  No other actors will be permitted on stage, even if they are silent in the performance.  Monologues will be limited to a maximum of 2 minutes.


Group Improvisation:  Improv teams will not be allowed to prepare anything in advance.  Topics will be provided at the competition by the Festival Officials.   Improvisation groups may contain 3 – 4 actors who will have a maximum of 4 minutes to perform on the topic provided.


Group Scenes:  There will be two categories in this bracket, Comedic and Dramatic.  Each team must register in only one.  There will be no “Comedic-Drama” consideration.  Group teams must have at least 2 and no more than 6 performers, and be a maximum of (**RULE CHANGE**) 8 minutes in duration.



Scene-change music, incidental music, background music, and songs that occur in the text of a non-musical play are permitted as long as they are no longer than 30 seconds in length and presented only vocally.  No instruments or pre-recorded music is permitted.


Dance is permitted if it occurs in the text of a non-musical play. Interpretive movement, with or without music, is also permitted if it occurs in the text of a non-musical play.


Original plays are NOT permitted.  All material must be from published works.


Plays may be directed by whomever the performers wish, except anyone adjudicating the Festival.  Students may direct as well.


Two chairs and one table will be provided.  Do not bring your own.  Each performance will be kept strictly to the time allotment for their category; 2 minutes for monologues, 4 minutes for Improv, and 6 minutes for Comedic and Dramatic scenes.  Timers will be used and at the end of the allotted time performers will be stopped, even if the scene has not been completed.


No technical elements, including set, lighting/sound design, and special effects, are allowed.


Groups may not use any set pieces, costumes or props (beyond the 2 chairs and one table provided). Please do not arrive in costumes of any kind.


Groups must abide by the venue’s safety and fire codes.



All judges will be independent volunteers and not under any obligation to or employed by Gold Coast Theatre Conservatory.  All employees, members, and associates of Gold Coast Theatre Conservatory shall not be eligible to judge any portion of the competition, and will only serve to facilitate the operations of the competition.


Anyone directing any scene or student for the competition, or who is related to or the educator of any student in the competition shall also be ineligible to judge on any panel in any round of the Festival.


Awards and Prizes:

Awards will be given for the top three scores after the finals in each division.  Scores from the preliminary rounds will count only towards making the finals and the finals will be judged as a stand-alone competition (except for overall scores for schools/organizations as per the next paragraph).  Final places will be determined by averaging the scores given to the team by the judges during the finals competition.


Awards will also be given for the top three placing schools and or organizations.  These scores will be determined by adding the three highest scores amongst all those representing the school or organization in all divisions in all rounds.


Festival Entry Deadline:

The Theatre Festival Registration Form must be postmarked by February 19, 2016. Any entry postmarked after this date will be subject to a $50.00 late fee, which may be declined by the registrant in which case and the registration form will be returned and participants declared ineligible. GCPAA reserves the right to reject entries for late submission or non-payment of membership dues after February 19.


All registrations must include a separate signed waiver form for each performer.  Registrations without a waiver for each performer will be considered incomplete and late if waivers are not received before February 19.  No performer will be allowed to perform without a waiver.


Safety of students performing is paramount. If elements of the production or blocking seem to pose a physical hazard to the students, then the judges reserve the right to stop a scene and/or require modifications to be made before performing, and the on-site supervisor has the right to make the decision. Please share any concerns regarding this rule with your host for this year’s festival, GCPAA.




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