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If you have a child who has enjoyed either our classes, or the play productions - we'd love to hear from you and help spread the word in our community!




Kids Acting in a Play or Musical

"With Gold Coast, Aaron has learned to work on a long term project and toward collective a goal. He's learned to tolerate a little criticism.  He's also learned that it takes a team to create a great performance. He's is willing to take himself a little out of his comfort zone and try new things.  


The whole experience with Gold Coast has been amazing. Aaron has developed stage confidence and really enjoys the whole process.  There are no divas at Gold Coast and any kid who is willing to do the work has access to performing."

                                                                                                                              - Wendy Grossman

"Their overall confidence and their ability to speak in front of an audience has been very useful for so many different situations. It has given them the ability to express themselves freely & effectively when dealing with others. As an added bonus, these skills have strengthened their school work presentations and leadership style when working in groups. All of these aspects are not only useful in their studies but also will help them excel in life. This is all added to their incredible development in their personal talents as performers & actors."

                                                                                              - Kimberly Wright

"...because of you and your love Luis develop a love for theater and he still working and learning, his goal is to study performing arts. He still doing theater and participates integrated and independently landing some lead roles including the Bishop in Les Miserable and Angie the Ox in Guys and Dolls musical summer camp. in a very intensive program in Worcester, MA Thanks for all the love and for trusting him and giving him all the support he needed when he was in the Conservatory. "

                                                                                              - Jennifer DelValle

Kids Acting in a Play or Musical




"The reason I like the conservatory is mainly because it offers a nurturing environment that allows students to have fun participating in the variety of course material and unique works. Unlike other acting experiences, we're not expected to engage in "cliche" acts or presentations."

"The auditioning master class has taught me how to go into an interview or audition prepared. I know this has been useful so far and expect to use these skills in the future."

                                                                                                                           - Aiden

"The love the conservatory because the teachers are so open and embracing of us as students and actors. It makes me feel comfortable when acting.


My favorite master class is the Improvisation class."

                                                                                                                           - Cienna

"I love the experiences, the people, the learning, the friends that you make, Billy, Stephanie, everyone and everything is just amazing!"


"It's more than just the acting, it's more than just that you can always improve how you act and respond to different things;  it's that you've got to understand and know yourself first. For everyone who thinks about this class, they should know that it isn't just for the acting, or for the parents, or for the actors; it's for everyone to learn. That's why I go; not just to learn and teach, but to grow."


                                                                                                                           - Aaron

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