Charity Karaoke 

Sing for a Cause

Support Anthony Angelini

Conejo Valley’s musical fundraiser, benefiting 20 local nonprofits in one fundraising event. 

The Karaoke Singers and Nonprofits race to find donors to sponsor their song before the deadline, each hoping to win the “Most Money Raised” competition and the $1,000 prize for their charity.   On August 11th, the karaoke singers will perform on stage with a live band and compete for the title "Best Performance"  based on audience voting.  A $1,000 prize will be awarded and go directly to the winning singer's Nonprofit.  Get your tickets and come out to support your favorite karaoke contestant: Anthony Angelini!  The competition will be fierce, so make a donation to your favorite nonprofit and help them win 1st place for “Most Money Raised.”  Last year’s event sold out, so get your tickets early.  Come out and support our local nonprofits!  Charity Karaoke, Sing for a Cause, is hosted by Conejo Senior Volunteer Program, which provides opportunities for adults age 55 and older to use their life experience and skills to meet local community needs.  visit for more information. 

Many of our students need financial assistance for their acting classes. Your gift can go to a student in need.  Thank you for your support!

Gold Coast Theatre Conservatory is a 501 (c) (3).  You can help us build an endowment to support underserved students and the Conservatory by making a contribution of any amount today.  Simply send us an email with your pledge. Larger pledges can be paid monthly and we accept multi-year pledges.