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Gold Coast Theatre Conservatory Registration

Ready to have your child learn all about comedy, acting, voice, movement, and the theater? Ready to have your child learn public speaking skills, build confidence, and make friends? 


Well, registration for the 2024 Fall-Winter session is not open yet.  HOWEVER! We'd love to get to know you - and you us - so please send us an email! We can also work out some discounted tickets to the Winter-Spring 2024 show, "Mythical Creatures: Tournament of Champions" performing June 8 & 9. That way, you can see an example of what we do, and meet the cast - most of whom will be signing up for the next one. Then you'll already have some friends, and you can see what we are about! 


Once registration opens, you can sign up and pay directly through Conejo Recreation and Park District. Each sibling joining the same terms are 10% off.  In such a case, please contact us directly to sign up/make payment. Please note that no space will be held until payment is made. We maxxed out last session's class, with a waitlist of 9 kids! Fall Session Fee is $325. Students must be ages 10-17.  


Fall Session is on Sundays FROM 10:00 am TO 1:00pm.  Dates TBD - Starts in September. 

Students are expected to attend ALL classes for the entire time. We write the play around all our students, and all students and roles are important. Your team counts on you to be there!

If you have questions, please email

or call (805) 427 5314

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